How Big of a Problem Is Obesity?

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I think one of the biggest diseases if we want to call it a disease and we are getting more and more towards identifying it as such so obesity you would normally expect me to say congestive heart failure diabetes the fundamental reality and one of the course do the agents for both is really obesity and we are simply seeing in this country we're seeing it all over world and we are seeing it earlier and earlier and if we don't do something about that and everybody may want to say it's not that obese person's fault, it's anendocrine larger problem, it's a liposom problem, it's this or that for the majority of people who are overweight, they've over-eaten but, I want to put a proviso on that one.

I want to put a footnote, something I learnt very early  as a lesson from one of my patient once again when I had completed my residelency and was a young professor, and I was seeing this patient from the inter city, she was overweight she never stuck to her diet, she was diabetic, every time I saw her in the clinic, her blood glucose was out of control, she had gained more weight and I finally one day just paraded her, I said and I won't use her name of course I'll just say Mrs.

Jones, Mrs. Jones we send you the truth malnutrition has multiple times. We will have you on the right diet and you keep coming back out of control. Why aren't you following what we're asking you to do, and she looked at me straight in the eyes, and she said something I'll never forget, she said doctor send us, I want to follow what you're telling me to do, I just can't afford the food because the high protein food then we said she needs feel the hunch she couldn't afford, it was the fried food and the junk food that she could afford.