Why Don't People Do Better Managing Their Own Health?

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We are such a sedentar society people need much stronger nudges than they are getting right now so there is a theory called consumer directed health care which means putting consumers with more skin in the game, paying more out of pocket, paying more in premiums that's supposed to in theory get people to pay better attention to health in this early pioneering stage of consumer directed healthcare it hasn't worked, we have to design health plans much more artfully than we've done in the past, thinking about how people actually think about healthcare as a consumer not as a patient, and if we can think more like Jobs, think more like Disney, think more about how do people engage in other aspects of their lives, where we go on shutter flight to develop pictures where we DIY our health, the way we DIY travel and financial planning, I think we can design the kind of tools we need to get people more engaged and at the same time design these health plans with more incentives right upfront that represent more than a small price break on a premium, but give people interesting incentives that will resonate with them as consumers not just patients in healthcare.