What Technology Advances Have Made Mobile Health and Remote Biosensors Possible?

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The advent of the cloud, cloud computing and open standards interoperability between different kinds of technology so just a few years ago, with say a Fitbit or a Runkeeper if you're a runner of swim keeper if you're a swimmer, that data resided only on the Fitbit or Runkeeper site or Swimsense site.

No I Swimsense I think it is, now Runkeep has taken the opportunity to ask all these vendors well over a 100 device manufacturers have, quote opened their API their user, their write code so that now all these different trackers can reside if you use many of them on one chart.

So I used to have to keep an excel spreadsheet very complicated to track my weight, my food, my steps many other parameters and now through Runkeeper and other vendors are creating these open platforms that these different devices can plug into so we can self track and keep ourselves honest over time.

So it's standards it's state of standards, it's this cloud in the sky that helps us bring the data to a place and move it to wherever we need it to go. Underneath all of that, there has to be trust, privacy and security, and a lot of people, still a lot consumers still have a lot of concerns about that.