What Do We Do with All the Data Being Gathered by Medical Sensors?

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We're absolutely in the hype cycle of sensors right now in terms of health. You can flex sensors on anything now. Sensors have gotten very cheap and sensor's themselves, the sensor technology, will not be the problem. What will be the problem is making sense, out of sensor's, sense making.

So you'll have all this data points potentially about somebody but unless we have a ways to corrupt that data and make it picturable graphic and understandable to people let alone doctors, who don't want to be floaded with a million data points on a single patient. We have to create ways to final it, so that we get the most important sense of data, those meaningful data, and then be able to analyse it very quickly, very nimbly so that we get to the core of what's really important.

And my fear is that we're all going to be such quantified selves that we're not going to be able to make sense out of all this data points.So we have to figure out in a critical, slotical fast way, what are the most important key pieces, of the censor data are meaningful for that person at that moment.

And that means it's in that black box of analytical data, big data analytic. We have to be really artful in that aspect of it because the sensors are now cheap and you bequeath it.