Is the US Healthcare System Broken?

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There's no question that, the fiancials related to heath care are the demanding and there are a lot of thing we can do better. But sometimes when one or the other side of this argument get to leave the floor, they over stay and I would say that there are financial stresses and I think very encouraging things that are happening which are to bring some of them under control and there are changes that have to be made in the way health care is delivered.

However one of the most exciting things as far as I'm concerned is the vast innovation going on across the country or across the world I would say and they are gradually producing substantial changes. Now it's easiest to see that if you look retrospectively, because some years ago, there was no such thing as transplantation, children who had cancer had a 5% chance of living today it's close to the 85-90%.

Heart disease is radically changed and the Alaska foundation did a marvelous study I comment to, in which they show they financially evaluated that the best, some of the best economers in the country, what did the advances in cardiovascular disease mean financially for this country? And it was overwhelming and for you and I and others the reality is heart disease which is still probably the biggest killer is something which we have much more control over, much better treatments over than today and so people are surviving and that's why you're finding more and more people developing cancer because they survived a heart disease to get the cancer and Alzheimer's disease.