Is Personalized Medicine the Future?

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Very personalized. But it's got a human touch because at some point, some voice is going to come back to you, whether it's a synthesized voice through a company like the Eliza Corporation that does medication reminders through the phone or through email or a real human voice a nurse, practitioner or Diabetes counselor, who's going to be almost like an AA counselor and say how's your diet going? Are you exercising? It looks like you haven't put your 10,000 steps in today maple.

So that party, that Hawthorne effect can kick in to help a person do better in real time. So it's a co-creation of health, with the person and a care provider and another voice coming in to bolster that person, so it becomes social. And a lot of us believe, who look at this technology, that health is social that you do better when you're working in a group like a biggest loser competition in a workplace or you think about the old AA model, and that really works well in real time face to face, we can translate that into care wirelessly untethered from people face to face or through from bricks and motor providers.