What Is Treatment for Children with PTSD?

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The prescription is cognitive behavioural therapy. It's the best what we know from the research and specifically after a traumatic event, trauma focused CBT or Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is considered the gold standard. That therapy focuses on teaching kids relaxation skills and coping skills, it helps them to faces their fears, to decrease the avoidance of reminders traumatic events, helps them to create a narrative so they can make sense of the traumatic event and put it in it's place in their life.

A lot of times kids themes are or sort of believe about the world can be disrupted after a trauma for the grown up this is the case too, so we might think I can't trust anyone. And that is not a realistic belief and that could interfere with recoveries. We want to notice where kid have this kind of inaccurate conclusions they've drawn and help them to correct them and then put the trauma in it's place.