A Healthcare System Focused on Wellness and Prevention

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We're really structured to deal with acute kinds of events, and we really don't do wellness and prevention that well. The evidence is that we're not going to cure a lot of disease, that we'll treat disease and make it manageable though chronic and that really means that the system has to have community assets as well as position other provider assets and they've to be linked to each other.

I think it's public health road in this country because of the funding, that one reasonable way of thinking about replacing is looking for businesses with a sizeable footprint where the business plan makes sense to do wellness prevention. One of the things that I think we do is try to eliminate the emergence of some of the disease burden, pre-diabetes, people with risk for developing diabetes need to be in community centered programs.

I have to say the largest issue in healthcare is fragmentation and people don't get health and wellness, they don't get counseling in centers that are community based and therefore can't get connected to physicians and other providers this way. Patients need to know more about their health and we need to nudge them in that direction, and we don't do a very good job and if we can't apply the hard one information we have around diet, around cholesterol, around hypertension, around pre-diabetes, what confidence do we have that the discoveries in the next quarter of a century we will actually apply work population? The patient and the physician often come together in a room.

They both leave and the physician feels, I didn't have enough time and it was because of my data entry in this computer and I felt like I was violating my trusting relationship with a patient by doing this thing that I'm now required to do by law. It would be an interest in knowing longitudinally over time out in the community, at home, what these numbers were doing.

And so I think having bio-metric information transported to the physician's office where you have something that you can be confident of before you modify your therapy is what is going important like politics I think all health care's local. The needs of Manhattan, Kansas are very different from the needs of Manhattan, New York and so kaiser is a wonderful model, is one of the models I think will exist.

One looks at model Montena, it's hard to imagine, that models who propose, there probably would be individual practices and those rural areas, they could be virtually joined though, but on a very different format.