Where Do You See the Future of Social Networks Going?

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One of the things that I'm interested in is in building communities. So Facebook has done an incredible job of getting everybody online, and that it's just really extraordinary, even older people are online now, I know people who are of age of 65 and are active Facebook users at age 66.

I think the next stage, is how do you take, all those connections and build communities? What are the roles, that people play? in building a community, that's something, I'm really focusing on a lot, because I think, right now what we have on the line, is a reflection of the real world in terms of representing the people that we have close relationship with and the people that we are, at some point connected to.

But now that's all there, we have the power to do these large belt experiments trying to figure, out how do you get, people to have more in higher quality relationships? How do you get those people to work together in mass? So that things like the Arab Spring don't just happen in random, but things we can actually do to make the world a better place.