How Have Social Networks Impacted Your Health?

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Well certainly I think one of the most important things that social networks have done for me is they have helped me to start jogging to lose weight, to take care of myself, and it comes with this certain greater sense of responsibility that I have. This is especially I think a problem for younger people who feel immortal, they feel like they don't have to take care of their health, but if then if they realized that their health outcomes are connected to the health outcomes to the people who aren't immortal who are more advanced in age, or might be struggling with certain kinds of outcomes, then it really I think may bring home for some of them this idea that even though they may not be immediately at risk, it's still important for them to take care of themselves, and the kinds of diseases they make may have an impacted on other people, that's much greater than it will have for them.

So, if I had started jogging in my 20s, it wouldn't have nearly as much impact on the immediate term health that I had as it had now when I start jogging in my 40s. And so I think that one of the things that's really important is to really try to understand where we can help people to make these realization that the things that they're doing have an impact not just on them, not just some people like them, but on lots of people that are indirectly connected to.