Have You Had an "Aha" Moment in Your Social Media Research?

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Yeah, actually it was a shameful commercial, that really changed my life. And I remember, just so distinctly just like it was yesterday. I was thinking about social networks, after having read on papers like, Duncan Watts that had come out in the late 1990s, trying to think about how I might use that kind of information explain social behaviour.

And one of those things that I was struggling with is that, there's a lots of laboratory research for example, that shows that we each have an impact. But those impacts tend to be small. In the minor civic study we've talked about earlier I said to my lawyer the next time you summer leading more, you lead more but actually eat a little bit.

It's not like to huge your fact. Now I was wondering all, how can we square that, the idea that socially we tend do things in a very uniform way in this large groups, in other words it appears that this small changes must have some kind of large outcome. And I was sitting there so that 2.00 in the morning and in sleep and I was shopping picking up those pile on and I remember this commercial from the 1978, where this woman become so implored with the shampoo, as she tells two friends that screen passing the two.

And then she tells two friends on the screens passing the four, and so on and so on and so on. A prison here 64 women who are also implored with their shapoo and it was that moment I realized that even though I might not have a small effect on you as my friend. That you are connected to five, ten other people and they are connected to five, ten other people.

So this is exponential power with this small changes can become quite large, if you only have the courage to do them.