Did Friends Influence Your Health BeforeSocial Media?

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Well this is something that works falling and it's actually been someone difficult because the privacy implications of often buffer those kinds of data, people are very concerned about keeping the social line private keeping your health information private, and so sentiment information together it's something have been beating the drama quit a while but it is complicated because one make sure that people are protected as well, and so most of research we have done has been online social networks and we have an limited amount of research into honor those networks and increasing like, I think this has been be the year where we will start to see some break through terms of merging those data sets.

And so for example in the premium hot study which is a real world face to face tuition network that we started and we were able to show that how all visual  are actually impacts all visual in fact if your friend's friend's friend is obese it actually increases likelihood of obesity by 10 percent, it actually stretches out that far.

And we did the similar study of Facebook in the early days of Facebook where we used [xx] of these individuals to estimate body mass index to see how large people are and there we found that there were no relationships whatsoever between you and your average Facebook friend and we thought, that's really strange because we are getting something really strong and we are in real world network and nothing at all in the online network and then it occurred to us, was what we needed to do is we needed to find a real role friends network.

It's not like this is a completely different sets of people you speak on Facebook, it's just of your friends plus, and what we needed is do is get rid of the plus and as soon as we did that as soon as we restricted the number of friends the people had to visit 10 closest friends, the 10 friends that they are likely a to have physic relationship with, then we started seeing the same kinds of relationships.

We were able to show that, I can do better than chance by predicting whether or not your obese if I know whether not your friends friend on Facebook is obese.