Besides Social Networks, Are There Other Technologies That Can Improve Health Outcomes?

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I think that personalized medicine is very important, especially this quantified as self movement, because when you measure something, it changes the way you interact with it. This isn't going to be a game changer for everybody. Right now it looks like it only affects a small number of people.

I expect that the number of people that this effect will grow, just having the awareness of what your weight is doing from time to time might make you more responsive to things that you do. So if you eat a lot and you consistently see that the next morning you are heavier, that kind of feedback might make you aware of the problem and might make you more proactive, more likely to do something about the problem, and this is true not just for way the social truth for exercise we've got you know this monitors now in activities increasing can be tied to the phone which everybody carries around with them all the time they're trying to turn the thing to a tripod, or refresh that general health like in blood pressure and your heart rate and things like that so I think that that kind of monitoring people will be able to take the raw information to change their behavior, but that's going to be very small set of people.

What's going to happen in the next layer to get from you say 1% of these people are doing is to 10% of people doing this is that we will learn how to convert that raw data into recommendations. So your phone is going to be telling your risk for a heart attack if you don't start walking in the next year five miles week or whatever the standard is, there's a 50% chance you're going to have a heart attack next 10 years and l have expressed that all in terms of percentages because I am a scientist and that's the way I think about the world but it's going to be better than that guys who do sue it as a design they can make pretty pictures and monkeys popping up and whatever it is that they do like they do sort of increase engage but just make it really clear that you need to change in some way and I will just give you what for me I think is the powerful example the CDC already thinks they can change people's behavior by posting alerts about flu, the'll say flu risk in San Diego is high today and somehow that's supposed to change my behavior, well pretty soon we're going to be able to do because where you are we know who you're, we know who in your network has the flu, we're going to have all this sort of combined information is present the same flu risk in San Diego's high today, but flu risk for you is high today, maybe you should think about getting vaccinated because three of your friends have the flu so if you don't get vaccinated right now, there's a very good chance that you're going to have flu some time in the next four weeks, that will change people's behavior to be able to give them real time information especially if there's evidence that it works, if you get this type of feedback response, it's happening from the quantified self movement.