Why Would I Go on Insulin Therapy?

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The general perception that people have is that you go on to insulin when your diabetes is very bad in quotes when your blood sugars is like extremely high or whatever, and that's really not true at all from the stand point of somebody who specializes in diabetes management, insulin is really properly used when it makes the most physiologic sense to use it, and diabetes is always the result of inadequate insulin action in the body, but that can be either the fact that there's simply isn't enough insulin in the system or that the body is not responding properly to the insulin that's there.

That latter is termed insulin resistance. You can improve your blood sugars by either increasing the amount of insulin that's in your body or by improving the body's responsiveness to insulin that is lessening the insulin resistance and there are medications that do both. Now in order to increase the insulin in the body there are oral medication that may help the body make more insulin, but of course if you give additional insulin that's another way to do it, and a lot of patients can be very well controlled on much less medication if they have insulin as part of their regimen if that's their pattern of glucose elevation.