What Are Some Myths and Misconceptions About Diabetes?

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Some of the biggest myths surround insulin administration. Many, many people fear insulin more than they fear anything else with diabetes and that's clearly a major mistake. My grandparents who were born at the turn of the last century, would say diabetes in a low voice the way they would say cancer in a low voice, and in those days people used those words in low voice because they would kill people, and before the availability of insulin, diabetes was uniformly fatal within just a few years for most adults who got it, and it was uniformly fatal within a matter of months for most children who got it, and when insulin was discovered it was hailed as a miracle which is really what it is, but when oral medications became available, and a high percentage of people could be controlled with oral medications, people came to fear insulin because of the needle stick and the low blood sugar reactions instead of fearing the disease insulin that had been the big killer previously.

But insulin injection don't hurt, insulin needle are so small that most people don't feel the injections when they do them. Also most, if you ask somebody who doesn't have diabetes why would a person with diabetes be afraid of insulin, they always say because of the needle they don't want to be on the needle, but my experience is that that's not a right answer.

Most people are afraid of insulin because in their minds it means that they've got a serious disease, and if there are on oral medications they think, oh it's a touch of sugar it doesn't really matter, but if I'm on insulin, oh my God! that's really a big deal. Diabetes is a bad disease with and consequences and controlling sugar is critical, and whether you do that with insulin, or medications, or just out of exercise, that's really what matters.