How Often Should I Monitor My Blood Sugar?

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It depends on your circumstances, if you have type 1 diabetes and you need multiple insulin injections daily or you're on insulin pump probably three to six times a day or more maybe necessary. For people who have to do that, there are steadily improving continuous glucose monitors that they can wear that will measure the glucose level in the tissues, in the fat cells or between the fat cells under the skin and they can actually get a glucose reading every five minutes which maybe extremely helpful.

For the average person with type 2 diabetes who is on oral medications alone, may take one shot of insulin a day. In most instances once or twice a day is all that's necessary, but if the diabetes is not controlled, then you have to increase the frequency until you figure out what's wrong.

If things are going really well, then you maybe even be able to do it less than once a day and just do it periodically to make sure that things aren't getting out of control without your knowledge.