How Many People Currently Have Diabetes?

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Well, the number of people in United States who have diabetes is on the order of 21 million currently. This is 2013 numbers. It is estimated that about a third of those people are not aware that they have diabetes. Another 57 million or so people have what we might call pre-diabetes or metabolic syndrome or some metabolic abnormality but that puts them at high risk for the development of diabetes.

Overwhelmingly, this is because of the obesity epidemic in the country. Unfortunately, the obesity epidemic is sort of flattening out because it would be hard for it to go up very much any more, but now fully three quarters of the population in the United States are either overweight or obese and since that's one of the single biggest risk factors for the development of diabetes, it's not surprising that so many people have diabetes.

If you put those 2 numbers together, 21 million people with diabetes, 57 million people with pre-diabetes then you are nearly at a third of the poppulation of people who have this issue.