How Common Are Severe Diabetic Complications?

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It's a rarelity in most instances certainly for the average type 2 diabetic patient it would be rare for them to die of low blood sugars or high blood sugars if they have proper access to health care, but among population of people with type one diabetes, the frequency of death from low blood sugar and particulars is not that low, maybe as much as 3% or maybe even as many as 5% of those individuals life long will have sudden death as a result of very, very low blood sugars and this is, for anyone with diabetes whether they have type one or type two diabetes.

Low blood sugars or hyperglycemia is usually what it limits your ability to get their blood sugars under proper control because the body is adjusting its insulin output every minute of the day over 24 hours, and if your sugar goes up little bit or down a little bit makes a compensation, but you're obviously not able to do that.

Even if you're testing your sugar multiple times a day, it's still just a hand full of times, and in most cases you don't have the ability to pull the medicine out of your system once it's in there or give more medicine just because your sugar is a little bit higher. So we try to get sugars down as closely to normal as we can consistent with safety, but clearly if you start to get too low with blood sugars and you start to see an increase in the mortality rate because of low sugar reactions.

In the last decade there were three major studies that looked at the question of whether getting very, very close to normal blood sugars helped patients do better overall than having just by his struggles [UNKNOWN] are very good control and it turned out that as you got very close to the normal the mortality rates started to go up and probably because people were having a little sugar and a little sugar causes your body to put up a bunch of adrenaline and that raises your heart rate and may cause cardiac rhythm disturbances may turn to a heart attack frequently you are talking about a population of people who have an increased risk of heart disease by virtual of having diabetes so it can be a real balancing act for people but it depends a lot on what medications are used some medications are clearly put somebody at risk for the development of low sugars Others really don't care that risk at all.