Are There Any Homeopathic Remedies for Diabetes?

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I don't think that anything that's homeopathic or naturopathic or supplement is really proven to be of value in people who have developed diabetes. Now, you do read things that say that let's say chromium or cinnamon for example are a value in lowering blood sugars, and in select circumstances there is data to say that, that's true but as long as there's no such data in humans to say that it's true, and I think the situations in which it's been tested are probably really abnormality is much more mild than it is in people who develop over diabetes, and I can't really find any reason to object to cinnamon but when my patients come to me and they say that they are taking supplemental chromium I usually tell them not to do that because chromium is a heavy metal and in large amounts it has neuro toxicity and it can damage the nervous system and I don't think that we have a safety data on that, that we would like.