High Performance Health in Everyday Life

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So how many of you feel like you run out of time? Everyone. How many of you when you get home after work are you tired? Everyone. How many of you your routine's become weak, in other words you go a long periods of time without eating, you don't connect to loved ones the way you'd like to.

Everyone. Suddenly, we find that there's a train wreck that's happening for a lot of people in their lives and their health is going down the tubes suddenly start saying we've got to look at this symptoms and help people understand and when their life is going in this direction and when they learn to manage their energy.

They can really start fulfilling health and happiness and performance improves. So we start with purpose, what is the purpose of your life ,and what do you really want to accomplish in your life in the most noble sense, and what's the truth? What's really going on with you? So we're bringing all the science, the best science and just let it sit there and let them decide if I continue, this is likely going to happen.

And then we have them take action in form of building new habits that support their new story, so we have a cognitive piece and a behavioral piece and the two combined in two and a half days, we get a remarkable transformation in how we operate. Take that technology into business where we're booked back to back to back where youth in school are class after class after class and we're very linear in how we live our life and we're not doing that stress recovery cycle that can lend itself to health, happiness and I keep coming back to higher performance.

And we've put the entire owners for the whole thing for that. That's life that you can live under your shoulders and that if you don't do it, probably no one is going to come to your rescue, and that our whole purpose is to help develop this inner coach who is the wisest best voice when you really trying to decide what's best for you, you look at all the signs, you go to the best science, you get the best advice, but basically you have one life and you've got to be in control of it.

And so the responsibility for change has to be on your shoulders, you can't look to other people to solve your toughest riddles. What they found is that you could even have a very high level of fitness, you could exercise every morning for an hour, you could be incredibly fit, but if you sit for a long period of time, your brain starts shutting down, and these studies are very clear now, that we cannot even though we've a high capacity for fitness, for capacity.

if we're linear we start shutting down. That really starts with, rather than telling people what to do or scaring people or just giving people numbers, well odd numbers are not motivating, people are often threatened and compare you to somebody else and it isn't moving enough. What they have to start with is, what do you really want in your life?.