Where Does Quality Factor In?

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I think compared to the 90s I think we've made enormous strides in measuring quality. We're not perfect and we certainly haven't yet got to what I think is the Holy Grail of quality which is measuring outcomes true outcomes of care so in the case, while were on hip and knees, you would want to know that not just that it was done to acceptable standards of some threshold of performance but you might actually want to know whether that surgeon's track record had better performed in terms of patient's centered outcomes, could you run again, could you play tennis again, I'm a golfer, that would matter a lot to me I would be really upset having a knee replacement and find out that my golf game is even worse than it was before.

So those kinds of patient centered outcomes I think are what we need to have, and that's one of the reasons why the California Health Foundation for example is investing in the creation of a registry for orthopedics which would have that kind of patient's centered information available so that consumers and providers could see what works and what doesn't where the relative outcomes were superior.