Where Do You See Healthcare 10 Years From Now?

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I see it more than the lands of a social scientist rather than the clinical scientist, I'm not qualified to really speak about the, what are inevitably going to be astonishing breakthroughs in medical knowledge. I have an opportunity to interact with some of the great leaders in the American healthcare on the clinical side, and those of us who are not real scientists are sort of in awe of what we are on the precipice of it in terms of understanding, not just genetics and all that good stuff that we've been sort of attributed of, but really fundamental disease learning and processes for all kinds of things are important like Alzheimer's and so forth.

So what then in a 10-year the time horizon in the threshold of profound new scientific knowledge and all bets may be off for a whole of stuff we've talked about. When you are confronted with amazing scientific breakthroughs that some people speculate might lead to a major life extensions and so forth.

But I have a sneaking suspicion that despite all that science stuff, we're going to be at the same problem only more intensely, 10 years from now, which is how do we pay for an aging society? Where we're not barbaric enough to leave people to the dogs. But we cannot raise taxes to fund the care of an older, sicker, obese population.

So we really are, I think it's urgent work to redesign our health system to be higher performing in the short run, so that we can face that future with some confidence and not have wars in the streets over who gets access to some those stuff. And I think we can do it, I really believe in American's ability to respond to crisis, I just think we have to focus our managerial and political attention on these questions.