What Responsibility Does the Modern Consumer Have?

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I think it's massive, and I was debating some folks earlier this week actually about this whole issue, and they were saying more the issue is that the consumer doesn't have enough stake in this. I was just describing till colleague there that I'm insured as a 60 year old badly behave scorts man and the individual market pay in $4,500 deductible plan with a maximum pocket cause something like $10,000.

And now I means,and I can doesn't seem like a terrible thing to me. But, I think more and more in America in large deductible type environment. I mean the mainstream health insurance policy the corporal America pass forward further employees probably has a $1,000 $2,000 deductible as in individual, which I think is okay, I mean it sends a signal that wellness is important.

And I think as a society we've got to figure out a way for people to take responsibility for those dimensions of their health and healthcare that they can truly manage. I don't think it's [xx], and I think there is a danger that we get instead of let's throw out the old system and then make consumers completely responsible and the world would be a better place.

And I think you have to challenge both those simplistic notions. It really is bringing the vision of both accountable care, and I don't mean that necessarily probably in a specific policy sense, but the fact the reimbursement system and the payment system the policy system, really encourages systems of care to be better managed, but I do think we have to match that with some sell incentives and information for consumers to navigate through the system better.

And to take better care of themselves and be rewarded an incented to do that.