What Challenges Do You See in Our Healthcare System?

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I think the biggest single challenge we have in American healthcare is that the average American family cannot afford the average premium. You think about that for eight nanoseconds. That's a wee bit of a problem. The average French family can afford the average premium because it costs half as much.

So I think affordability is at the core of all of our problems. It's the reason why access is denied people because simply put, the average small business can't afford a worker who makes $12 an hour to provide them with insurance that cost about $12 an hour just doesn't compute.

And it's the reason why I think we find it difficult to make sure that everybody gets, even those who have insurance, get treated in a fair and equitable manner, and I think it's largely because of the affordability issues. That to me is the number one challenge we have. It's how do we make this system work better, so it's affordable both to the individuals who have to pay either directly or indirectly for services, but also as a society we can sustain this in the long run.

That to me is a number one issue we got to figure out.