Is the Minute Clinic Retail Health Model a Part of the Future?

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I think that' s a big part of the future. I think that, in the last week alone, being exposed to a group called medics breast which is a commercial, very much retail focused delivering model where emergency room physicians provide urgent care in communities and they are based under study of from West Virginia actually and are sort of expanding into surrounding states, seems to be very well run, very high quality and addressing the very issue you're talking about, beyond kind of the big box the retail chronic model to provide urgent care services.

For the very reason you point to, which is typically why people end up in emergency rooms its not because they're running short, it's because they can't get in to see their doctor and they've got something that they think needs to be taken care of and so quite often the delivery system doesn't meet the needs of the consumer, and many of these retail environments were emerging, really fill that need, and I think we're going to see much more of that and interesting ways in which those sort of non traditional retail partners are going to partner with the traditional hospital base systems.

There was an announcement, I've forgotten the Geography, this morning I just read where, I believe it was San Diego, where major hospital system has done a deal with CVS to do a retail clinic partnership. I think we're going to see a much much more of that.