Has Modern Health Care Changed in a Good Way?

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Good in what sense, right? It's good if in my view I've more of a social science training, so my definition of good, is a higher performance at a lower cost, right? That's a good thing but it maybe that that hurts the professional satisfaction of clinicians in that process and you see it in institutions.

I do a lot of strategic planning retreats for hospital boards and I'll be in the room, I was in twice in the last week and two geographies in the country with the hospital leaders, and the board members who are usually typically esteemed business people in the community and community leaders and the physicians and you'll see different views about these unfolding changes in healthcare.

I think where you can't get people to agree on is if it's better for the patient, it's better for the population, and if it's cheaper, the so called Tripleling[sp?] then that's good. That's a good outcome, and that's where I'm seeing and why I'm encouraged in my rattling around the country.

I see a lot of hospital leaders and health system leaders having that conversation with the boards in the community saying that is what we're going to do. We're going and try and make this thing work better, and that is going to be the rules of the road.