Does the Retail Health Movement Threaten Physicians?

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There are some groups of physicians who are quite threatened by the retail medical movement. Pediatricians in particular feel that the kind of pink eye syndrome is crudely what people would point to will take patients away from their offices, I mean, I respect that that's a concern, there's a certain substitution effect that threatens certain providers, but quit honestly almost every group who protest against corporate practice expansion, I will give an example of ophthalmologist, I've worked closely with the ophthalmologist and their strategic planning over the years, they are very paranoid about optometry stealing their business and I keep on pointing out, they are not going to run out things to do mean in an aging society that's obese, you are going to have eye disease and we are not producing massive numbers of entomology, so my view is that we actually should welcome these new players and while they may be threatening to certain interest in the short run in the aggregate they'll increase our capacity to provide services to people and everyone should try and find a way to practice at the top of their of their license with with as much skill as required for the task at hand and not necessarily protect the damning down of certain parts of their activity.