Do You Think Obamacare Will Make a Difference?

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I think it will make a difference, I think it has made a difference and I think it will make a difference. But it could go horribly wrong and it could go horribly wrong if we don't work hard as a country not just as some half of the country the Democrats make it work, I think the country has to make it work because I'm not quite clear that we have another idea that is equally compelling as the kind of essential elements behind the acadeble care id and particularly the triple line underlays it, coverage expansion though if we do that right let's really do the work of transforming the payment system and in turn the delivery system and then 10 years from now we'll have a conversation say we figured out but quite honestly it could go horrible wrong and then I think we're in nasty vicious divisive battle over who gets what in the long run and that could end badly.