Why Is It Taking So Long to Reform the U.S. Healthcare System?

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It is broken beyond repair. I think in essence we don't have a health care system, we have a disease management system and it's very dysfunctional. And what's sad is that the great majority of that disease is preventable because it's related to lifestyle choices of how people live.

And unless we can shift that vast enterprise of disease management and direction of health promotion and prevention and figure out how to make that pay I don't see what we can do I think we are going down the management of disease is way too expensive, we can't contain these expenses the other problem is that we've become dependent on technology for all of our fixes.

So pharmaceutical drugs being a prime example, and one of the questions I'd like to ask physicians and as well as lay audiences is how did we ever get in the habit of thinking that drugs are the only legitimate ways to treat disease? If you told the average physician to manage a case without giving me a drug here she wouldn't know what to.

If you told the average patient that a medical encounter wasn't going to result in the prescription, he or she would be angry, frustrated and go to another practitioner to obtain another prescription.