What Are the Biggest Health Problems In the U.S. Today?

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In America we spend a little over 70% maybe 75% of our total medical expense is on chronic disease, and it is basically six of them that is, it is heart disease and its sequelae, it is obesity and its sequelae, including Type-2 diabetes. It is the chronicity of cancer not the acute cancers, but the chronicity of cancer, it is asthma and low back pain and arthritis, and so those are the ones, because those are the biggest.

If we can get to find ways of preventing or reversing those, and those are ready. We save this enormous amount of money that we can do other things for us in our society to make it a better society. And Ken we have because four factors, maybe five, but clearly four factors control the 70% of those chronic diseases.

Physical activity, food choices and portion size, managing stress, avoiding tobacco, and the fifth is probably sleep but we don't give enough, because most of us get an approximate amount of sleep and we don't give it enough credit. But we could do those five things because each of us control it, and wipe out 1.6 trillion of expenses every year, change the curve to downward, better compete for jobs in America but more, and as importantly, keep our freedoms so that we don't have to do rationing, we don't have to ruin the social structure that are so key to our enjoying life.