Is the Patient Responsible for the Outcome of Their Own Healthcare?

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There's no question that patients as individuals have a huge role in their own care and in their own health. A patient after all, has to be a partner with the caregiver in making decisions about their health care and most importantly in making the daily life choices that can either promote or hinder good health.

So everyone of us in a sense has a prime responsibility for our own health. The health care system in a way is just an adjunct, an addition, a supporter, a resource that we can use as individuals to reinforce what we already have done for ourselves and our families by making good lifestyle choices, by eating healthful diets, by avoiding tobacco, by using alcohol responsibly, not drinking and driving and not drinking to excess, by getting enough exercise every day, if we do these simple things to take care of ourselves, we can do a long way toward making health and healthcare more effective, more affordable and less necessary.