Where Are the Most Promising Areas of Research in Mental Health?

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So I'm actually very excited about the combination of looking at a neuro imaging of the brain, looking at something called resting brain state, which it's pretty expensive if you realize that it cost at least 1000 dollars, to get a child into a scanner and have them rest and not move around and trying to find if there are connection between the difference we see on a functional MRI and maybe on a less expensive machine like an EEG, and then are there co-relations between that and immune system? So, are people who have great cardio-vascular fitness? Are people who have very good nutrition fitness? does that protect them or if they had bad or poor fitness, does that increase their chances of getting illness? I also think that as these devices get made, they're like flat-screen TVs, they get thinner and cheaper and as the green imaging devices get more sophisticated the color essentially gets better and the product gets cheaper so I hope that there will be a day, when a doctor will need to get confirmation on a diagnosis and she will say, well go down the hall, I have a portable version of the functional MRI or a more sophisticated EJ and I actually think that's where the big bang for the buck is because once you have the equivalent of an objective test on blood test, it becomes real and once it's real insurance coverage becomes no longer a question and they're stigmatised and so you can go forward and I think you can find that, there will be more science, there will be more treatment and there will be people who won't wait as long to get help.