What Would Be a Good Investment for Advancing Mental Health?

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Well I think that $100 million for the brain initiative is a great start, but I think we need priorities here and I think that we're shot by $900 million that if we were returning a bad good investment, first of all I think we need spend a lot of more money on young kids and in understanding their brains and most of the studies in fact to date or the large studies that have been done are done on adults.

It's a little late, it's just like that Olympics you're out of business if you're picking up the golf club with a tennis racket at 14 and try learning speaking a foreign language at 40. So if I got to speak to the president, the question would be the statement simple, we have a very common, very real set of disorders, that's affecting millions and millions of kids and the only way around this is to fund the National Institure of Mental Health and to also be innovative about it.

Let's do private federal partnerships because again if you get people together, if you could get a group, if the President says this is important, well then you can get me five movies stars and say I have this disorder and it's OK and you have some athletes, football players who say I have anxiety and I'm still a great athlete and I'm really a great guy and that together with a public awareness campaign, with better more robust nationwide science dedicate to this, that could really change and in the long run save lives.