What Is a Current Myth Around Mental Illness?

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I think one of the most troubling ones has hopefully been put to rest, but has had a major effect on her whole healthcare system and that's the issue of immunizations. Here was a case of a fraudulent study of someone who had a hidden agenda because the doctor who published that, actually had a patent on the different kinds of immunization and published the fact that immunizations was the cause for autism, and not only did.

You could understand from the point of view of parents who had a child that is 15 or 16 months looked perfectly normal and in 18 months they started to lose skills, and that happens to be, but autism is like it comes only at 18 months. So, at 15 or 18 months, and it's just again that you get an immunization at 15 months doesn't mean it's caused an effect, but the fact that it changed the way a whole bunch of young parents start to feel about avoiding immunizations completely.

So, we start having debts from German measles. We start getting kids who are getting mumps and measles again in a way that they never had for decades, and I think that that was one of the worst things that could happen, because it's very easy again for parents to say well, it doesn't make sense, it's a little baby.

Their immune system may be a baby immune system. It's not true, but again try to explain extraordinarily change in someone's behavior like autism. You're looking for something, and I think again if we could find objective tests, if we could find bio-markers if we could find markers that actually change when kid symptoms go away.

That will really truly revolutionize the way we think about them, the way we treat them, and the outcomes for a psychiatric disorder in kids.