Are Kids Being Properly Diagnosed for ADD/ADHD?

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Well I would suggest that we have a problem, that we have too many kids who have the symptoms and signs and symptoms of ADHD that are getting neglected, are tending to drop out of school ten times more frequently than the general population, and yet we have a group of kids who we don't know if they really have the diagnosis or getting prescriptions.

The other piece you have to remember about this, these are chronic illnesses, so the medicine only works while you're taking it. So if you get one prescription for one month, you have 30 day's pills or pills for 30 days, you have to see the doctor again 30 days later to get a prescription.

And if you're not doing that, then it's not good care. It's not the kind of care we would expect, and most doctors will tell you that no pill is better than any pill if a child doesn't need it. And the most important message and psychiatrist certainly child's psychiatry] is diagnosis, in real estate it's location, location, location well in child psychiatry diagnoses, diagnoses, diagnoses.

Is it that you're a boring teacher? Is it that you are bored because you're gifted is it because of your learning disability? Is it because you're anxious? All of those things can make you inattentive in class and taking a Riddle and a redectial[sp?] type of medicine isn't going to help the reason you're having those symptoms and certainly it's not going to decrease them.