What Is the Target Audience for Brain Fitness Games?

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We actually think the target audience is much larger than that. Our target audience is really age 25-75 because in the 25-65 year old range you're thinking about peak performance or how to maybe address an issue that you have in the work place. I'll give you an example that's coming from our own corporate wellness opportunities.

We've got people who work in cubicle environments now where there is typically noise and distraction of activities going on around you, and maintaining attention if you're working on a spreadsheet or working on a proposal or something of that nature, it's very important in being able to tune out those distractions.

So people are using exercises is to really promote their ability to, again, sustain attention over a longer period of time, to focus on the important things and not the distracting things. So that's one application for maybe the 25-65 year-old. Certainly between 55 and 65 memory is also important, to augment the memory skills, and beyond that it's to maintain 65-75, is to maintain vitality.

Everybody wants to enjoy the retirement years as much or more than they did their working years, and so we think brain vitality, brain health is important for those as well.