What Challenges Are There for the Future of Brain Health Science?

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We're at the beginning stages of our science, no question about it. But like other things there were pitity with which were able to advance the science is just remarkable compared to what it was a decade ago for example. And so I think there's a emerging science literally almost on a daily basis now and brain resource is actually a non-profit arm of brain resource is connected to over 300 different academic professors and clinical researchers around the world, that are using standardized protocols that we've designed and developed, and instigating some of the world class investigations that are going on right now, we for example, have a 2000 person study of depression and whether or not we can predict treatment outcome response to three different medications, a companion study with 1500 patients on attention depths and hyper activity disorder, so those large population-based studies are really going to, I think, provide some important papers to the field and we are contributing along with many others with regard to the advancement of science, so we're at some exciting times with regard to our ability to peer inside the brain but also aggregate these large information data sets, big data sets that can really be mind for insight and then application.