What Age Ranges Are Appropriate for Brain Fitness Games?

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Really brain-drain we think can be applicable from ages seven on ups. So we have an international database of normative reference with regard to all the brain train that we do in addition to a number of other brain measures, and that reference group is aged seven to 99. So we have actually had 30 years of studies with various academic partners to look at all the different brain functions.

So the importance of that is that you're never too young to really begin looking at your brain and to know your brain and train your brain. So if you're a child for example and you're seven or eight years old, and you are having difficulty in school, attending to classroom activities, attending to instructions there may be a learning difference there, there may be an issue with the tension deficit disorder.

Those things can be picked up rather early and therapeutic regimes and educational regimes apply to remediate that. Similarly you asked about Alzheimer's in that brain training in advanced stages of Alzheimer's is not shown to be effective but it has been shown to be a good therapeutic if you will,educational exercise, for those who are in the 55-75 year old range, we are actually show some decline in brain capability to maintain the capacity it has so it's very much for people who are still working in ages of 55 to 65, very important for them to be doing brain exercises in addition to other types of fitness activities.