How Do You Convince People to Use Brain Fitness Games and Analytics?

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I think all the healthcare part of that, is going to be dependent upon our ability to really inform people so that they want to know about themselves, they want to know about their health conditions, and they also want to be engaged in a fun and interactive way, a lot of people are exposed to just information, for example about their health.

They read, a physician might say something about your heart health. For example and so you go out and read about heart health, but that's not a very actively oriented way, and how do you get people to actually do something about it and turn their eating habits, or physical exercise is a whole other dimension of engagement.

So I think there's two important things here. One give people information that are relevant to them. So knowing your numbers so to speak. We're talking about knowing our numbers now. We have a neuro psychological assessment for example on our site It actually gives you feedback about your own personal brain style and brain capacities.

That to me is personalized medicine. The second piece to this is actually directing you to exercise, they're going to work for you individually. And I think that's the key part of healthcare too, is you have got to have engagement that is personalized, informative and engages you in action.

And that to me the key is whether you're doing brain health or life style change of the physical of health, it's getting the first to be activated.