How Can Research Benefit Issues Related to Attention, Concentration and Memory?

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How do you standardly measure these things called attention, concentration and memory and what's the level of reliability of the measurement and for what duration was the testing done or the exercise performed, and in what populations? Most clinical studies are still patient group of 50, a patient group of 25.

A 100 person study is a large study, so we need aggregated numbers, we've done studies now with 2, 000 patients, with 1500 patients those are the kind of numbers we need and the databases have to provide the profiles the standardize the ability to mine the data and get out the outcome, so as the field emerges scientifically, we get more standardization around those protocols and those measurements, I think we're going to see more reliable replaceable results and that will open the door to really the therapeutics and the FTA's submissions.