What's Wrong with Our Broken Healthcare System?

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The health care system in the U. S I believe is the best in the world, we're really good at coming up with innovative solutions, at detecting cancer and when the rest of the world is really sick, the wealthy they come to the United States. What we need to do better is respect the fact that innovation is what doctorves us and we have to be able to take risks, we have to cut back on the lawyers zeal for suing anytime something goes wrong or delaying we have a system where the pattern law is unclear we are path and child discus innovation we should go to loser pay system like other countries have which basically penalizes loses which shouldn't be ever brought.

We have to do something about malpractice for health care providers so that they can't take risks we have to weight the benefits of potential cures versus the fact that if you are doing the same thing always you are not going to develop develop and innovate. We have to look at our regulatory system.

Our regulatory system is an approach based and a very long time periods, and that class with our innovation system which is focused on changing a few months for technology and beating your competitor. We have to marry these systems together, we have to deal with the fact that privacy and security are major concerns in our law and they're practically, but have to give up a little privacy if you want great healthcare, just the way you have to let your teller know what your body size is to get a good fit with the new health care law, the fact that we're stripping out personal identification and looking at cures based on how we're doing, we're doing is good the fact that we're doing genetic mapping is good, but I think we have to go further, we have to challenge every component of our health care system do this.

This is necessarily a role of government to say we need new law new rules, we need to go out to the providers and say how can we do things better, and I don't mean the way the White House did with the doctorg industry and cut them a secret deal which cost them nothing and cost Americans everything, so we pay the most for doctors, I mean challenging the doctors and the hospitals and the health care providers and say how could we bring technology to the market quicker, how could we reimburse doctors so it makes sense so that you don't always have to go to a doctor to get reimbursed down doctors don't get paid if they use the internet, they use all these technology.

We have to look at total healthcare results and in fact we should incentivize patients to do their own monitoring, to go to doctors appropriately, not just really and we have to incentivize doctors so that they're not getting paid using the most expensive doctorgs and expensive treatments. We have a lot of things to fix and by that requires solutions coming from a variety of sources.