What About Those Who Are Now Uninsured and Get Their Care in an Emergency Room?

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It is very expensive and the question whether that will change whether States will participate. The Supreme Court big decision was States don't have to participate and it's often question is to whether many of these states will. because it doesn't pass across, my concern is really that there is a $350 billion gap for the cost of that, that is totally unfunded in the law and it's basically said that somehow this miracle advisory panels can come up with cheaper ways to do things yet they have no authority, no power and very limited to what they can do.

And even Democrats don't think that's a lot of work, it was just to stand there until they get the law passed. So, that's kind of a myth behind a lot and there' s a lot of other cost assumptions which will not happen in there, so the funding of Obama care is very questionable and I think if had we you try to agree on the facts, and the problem and do with different stakeholders coming together we could have gotten some really good advances and we missed a huge opportunity.

I applaud Obama and the Democrats for trying, the way they did it though, is not very helpful and is not even close to what we could have had in terms of solutions.