Speaking Personally, If Your Doctor Finds Some Problem, Don't You Want Every Test Possible?

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If we sample other guy of my age, I know they'll find prostate problems. I know it's a male thing, but the truth is with prostate, surgeons cut, you go to a prostate and you find out you have problem, they'll want to cut you, but the odds are overwhelming that that problem will last longer than you will in your natural life.

Now that's not healthcare advice for anyone, and that's a personal preference on my part and I do test my vitals in other ways, but I they recognize that doctors to a certain extend are incentivised by the health care that they know. You go to a psychologist gonna produce drugs, you go to a surgeon they're going to cut doctors do what they're trained to do and I also I'm aware that sometimes our healthcare provision in this country is uneven.

The person who graduates last in their medical school is still called doctor here, and we don't have the standards we should have for the really good doctors, so I think that we have ways to go in separating the really good doctors from the non-good doctors. And part of what my wife does, is she cleans up after not good doctors, but is there a system that we have to get rid of those non-good doctors? It doesn't exist.

Very rarely are doctors thrown out the practice for anything but.