Is it Good that Places Like Silicon Valley Are Turning Their Attention to Healthcare?

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I'm looking for anyone with a great idea to look that way. Silicon Valley is great in innovation, sometimes they're not great at marketing a product and getting to their consumer distribution channel. I think one of the things with social media and crowdsourcing the solutions is a great idea, and we're starting to see that in the healthcare.

So our job I think as a society and as government is to say, how can we get the best ideas to society rather than having politicians create solutions? I think we have to listen better and allow people to come up with solutions. The biggest thing is crowdsourcing whether it's funding, or ideas, or solutions.

We've run programs, and we crowdsource and come up with prizes for people with great ideas, and it's not only in healthcare. We did a challenge to recycle old TV sets, what can we use all this Cathode Ray tube glass for? And we came up with great ideas from around the world. We offered several thousand dollars in prize money, and we awarded, but wow! the ideas that came up were amazing.

That to me is like, let's get the best ideas from society, not just people who are designated in politics in Washington to solve problems..