How Do We Fix Our Health Care System?

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I think we need to redo the health care law that just passed. There's a lot of great things in it, but there's things that are really bad. Alright, we've talked the fact that you just mentioned there's a insufficient number of health care providers. If you think it's bad today, five years from now we will have pure doctors in the United States.

In Canada there was a column written, We should support Romney, because they're going to have to steal Canadian doctors to come to the US. Doctors are going to be retiring at a phenomenal rate because they don't want to have to deal with the bureaucracy, the cost, or the challenges that are coming because of ObamaCare.

So doctors are dropping at a very high rate, just the way they dropped out of the American medical association for supporting the healthcare law, every specialty group deposit. We are the number one in terms of medical journals, in terms of innovation by every measure in the United States, that is going away, my concern is the best smartest people will no longer go into healthcare, they'll continue to go to law or to finance or some of this other things, but frankly they don't produce too many Nobel Prize winner, and they do much to advance mankind.

So I think our goal as a nation should be to get stem graduates, get them to stay here from around the world, put them into things which will to great discoveries in technology, in science, mathematics, healthcare and figure out what it is to keep him in there, right now we're doing things which are [xx] and we're not letting them stay here when you're here from abroad, we're discouraging them from going to medicine, we're making it very difficult to be a doctor.

These aren't good things.