How Do We Deal with the Issue of Privacy?

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In some countries, what they do is, you own your own healthcare records. So you get a paper or in some cases a surfer or a chip and you walk around and you provide it and you own it, that's not such a bad system. You control your privacy, then in a sense. But the truth is to give up a little bit of privacy in return for great healthcare is something that some people should be able to choose.

Hipper is a well-intentioned law and it was developed for a paper society. It wasn't developed for a digital society, and it really makes it very difficult for even healthcare providers to talk to each other, to communicate and I think we we need to loosen up a little bit and give consumers some control over their own privacy.

So I wouldn't say this is the final solution. We all want our healthcare to be private in certain ways, but we'd probably give up a little if we knew we can get better healthcare, if we reveal more about yourself in a discreet way. And no system is perfect and definitely there is going to be problems and situations, but I think some of it is a little alarmist, and I just think we have to focus on what is the best solution for healthcare overall.