Are We Too Reliant on Technology in Healthcare?

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I fully believe there are many examples of technology of a reason and technology that's unproven that people are throwing money up, so I do think we need to get much more refined about like I said before, where technology is a part of a solution and don't forget process and personnel.

So a I embrace technology, I think it's a wonderful modality, but I also think that we need to be judicious in how we use it. And we do that with careful monitoring. I think the other piece to that is, make sure everybody is at the table, who could participate in the solution. So for instance, the health care systems and the medical centers, they have a real important role.

In actually, innovation so we can see the pain points. We're on the front lines, we can help conceptualize solutions. We need partners across the arch of developments but we also have strength in evaluation, so we need to be at the table in healthcare IT innovation as well.