How Is the American Red Cross Involved with the Military?

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Parts of what we do every single day date back 130 years ago. The work we do for the men and women that serve in the armed forces began [UNKNOWN] with herself where she was ministering to their wounds behind enemy lines, counseling them, giving them comfort and support, so a big part of our mission is we do emergency connections between the men and women that serve and their families and in the digital age in which we live it's easier, but nevertheless it's as important so we might get a phone call from a spouse saying I just talked to my wife and she doesn't sound good can you call her emergency, her commanding officer and just make sure that things are okay? We have done video connection so that a young male soldier could teach his son how to shave for the first time.

I mean, there's a lot we do, we've volunteers in every VA hospital, in all the military bases as we speak we have people in Afghanistan and there are morale officers they provide comfort, they provide video cafes, so it's an important part of the mission.