How Is the American Red Cross Involved in the Healthcare System?

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We've just scratched the surface here, and it's a beautiful confluence of job creation and helping where there is a terrible shortage in nursing. We started to teach nurses' assistants training, and this is now done in 40 cities. I'd like it to be in all of the 650 chapters in the country, and what we're doing is teaching the entry level position, it makes people more attracted to get into nursing school.

They're employable immediately. The average length of time it's taking them to get a job is under 90 days. 80% of them are employed within the first 90 days. So it's an area where I feel like we can someday expand. If we can do this in a big way, we can even start to look at home healthcare, helping with elderly healthcare.

So we just scratched the surface here, and I have high hopes that we'll be able to have an impact.