What Does the Future of Medicine Look Like?

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I see these changes that are happening in electronics. I see changes that are happening in communication, in medicine, and I love imagining where they are going to play out. We think the future is won where rather than taking engineering trying to solve medical problems that we're going to leverage biological designed principles to develop new engineering innovations.

That's like painting to the future my hopes are really to improve patient live by accelerating the translation of these technologies. I see a future in which we're detecting cancers when it's the size of a pea. My suspicion is that in the not too distance future 10-20 years now we'll see part of operation being automated.

We're going to end up with a proliferation of robots. When I sit down with a surgical robot, not only can I operate on the patient there, I can operate on the patient. We make the mistakes on that patient exact image before I actually operate on the patient. Hopefully, will be able to really tag cancer specifically in the future so that it will be more like surgery by numbers.

You'll be able to avoid all these nerves structures. You'll be able to avoid the vessels, and you'll be able to take out only the tumor and make sure you've got it all. I don't see that there's any part of the body that is inherently off limits to robots. We have a whole program called organs zone.

We are adapting techniques from the micro-fabrication industry used to make computer microchips to make very small micro-systems of an organ that we constitutes all on the personally. So, our first thing with principle was in recording human breathing one [xx]. When we think about [xx] of medicine of course the go list will some day replace the whole organ.

And for the transplant deal, the benefits should be large. It's just a matter of time, if we can get the same themselves. And either use some for future applications in the same patience, or you could start a bank. An a bank of the resales could potential supply the majority of the population with a perfect genetic match.

We're developing show and sales that the elderly would advise 20 year old. This would prevent the falls that leads to the elderly person who end up in the hospital, and of being bed ridden, and then having that word clod that ends up in your lives. The next generation is manipulating energy, and doing it non-embezzle instead of embezzler [xx].

And this is the biological application for plasma physics. This is a very exciting knowing. Plasma is the fourth form of matter, not only does the plasma kill all known biological agent for the bacteria, virus, spore, but did injure cells. And they also discover that it stops bleeding.

The application for this I think are profound. We can do this for wounds, we can stop them bleeding, we can decontaminate them in turnable and kill any bacteria that might be in the area there. We can promote healing scar formation that rose with almost no scar, when we're subjected to it.

I think this may have as much as of the profound effect on health care as internet that run information sciences. And so I see these technologies as our chance to get out of some of the big problems that we have with all the technologies he's gotten ourselves into.